Fequently Asked Support Questions

  1. Why isn’t the VIN scanner scanning? When I use the scanner it only shows a few characters and not a full VIN?
    If you are having trouble with the VIN scanner here are some things to try/keep in mind:
    • Check the lighting where you are scanning the VIN. If you are trying to scan in low light conditions this can cause issues with your device’s camera not being able to read the VIN properly.
    • Make sure the app has the proper permissions. The VIN scanner uses your device’s camera and must have access to this to be able to function properly. Here is a document that shows how to check this: How To Check App Permissions
    • If the scanner normally works, but is suddenly not scanning properly, reboot your device and try again.
    • Older devices with low quality cameras are more likely to have issues with the scanner. If you aren’t sure if the device itself is the issue then we recommend trying (even temporarily) a different/newer device to see if you get better results.
    • If the VIN is scanning but isn’t getting all of the characters then it’s possible your device’s camera is completing the scan too quickly. This is most likely to happen when using a newer device and if you are moving the scanner in from the side of the VIN. Try coming in from the top and moving the camera down when scanning to see if you get better results.

  2. I’m having issues adding pictures in the app. What should I do?
    If you are having trouble taking pictures here are some things to try/keep in mind:
    • Make sure the InspectARide app has the proper permissions to access your camera/photos/storage. Here is a document that shows how to check this: How To Check App Permissions
    • Check how much free space your device has. If it is out of space or running very low it can cause issues when trying to take/save pictures (since there might not be enough available storage on the device for the picture to be stored).
    • If you’ve been able to take pictures in the past, but are suddenly having issues, restart your device.
    • If you are having trouble adding pictures you’ve already taken, check the source you are adding the pictures from. Some devices will give you the option to add pictures from local storage, online storage or a connected storage card. If you are having trouble adding a picture from online storage or a connected storage card then try adding it from local storage.

  3. How do I move InspectARide to a different device?
    If you are moving InspectARide to a different device then the first step is to make sure you have uploaded any information from your current device that you want saved. Once this is done you need to log in to the online portal and go to Settings -> Device Management. Here you will see a listing of all of your connected devices and you simply need to tap the ‘Delete Device’ button next to the device you will no longer be using. This will free up the device connection so that you can use it on a new device.

    The next step is to download the InspectARide app on your new device and tap the ‘Setup Cloud’ button. On the screen that appears you’ll enter your account credentials to complete the set up process. Here is a document that shows the step by step process in more detail: How To Move Cloud Connection

  4. Why can’t I give multiple inspections the same name?
    Each inspection needs to have a unique name so that it can easily be identified. Two recommendations to make this easier are to make the date of the inspection part of the inspection name or to use the option to have the inspection automatically given a name. Here is a link to a document that shows how to set up automatic file naming: How To Set Up Automatic File Naming

  5. I set up a new device but am not seeing my templates/vehicles. What should I do?
    If you are not seeing your custom templates/vehicles on your new device, here are some things to try/keep in mind:
    • Make sure your device has been connected to your cloud account. If you have not done this yet, here is a document that walks through how to do this: How To Connect a Device to Your Cloud Account
    • If you just set up the device and connected it to your cloud account it can take a minute or two for the device to download the templates/vehicles. Make sure you have an internet connection and that the app finishes the update process.
    • You can manually tell the app to update itself with information from your cloud account. To do this, tap ‘Settings’ and then tap the ‘App Maintenance’ button at the bottom of the Settings screen. On the screen that appears tap the ‘Force Data Update’ button. This will take you back to the main InspectARide screen and you will see a progress indicator at the top that shows it is updating data.
    • If the steps above don’t resolve the issue, try closing out of the app and reopening it. When you reopen it make sure you have an internet/data connection and then give the app a minute or two to check in with the cloud (and run the necessary updates) before you tap any options.
    • You can manually manage your templates by going to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Manage Templates’. On the screen that appears tap the Cloud icon at the top and tap ‘Download’ next to each template you want to download to your device.

  6. How do I set up a new portal user?
    You can set up a new portal user when logged into the portal. This is done by going to Settings -> Portal User. The credentials you set up for the portal user can be used to log in to the portal, as well as, to connect a device to your account. Here is a document that shows the steps (with screenshots) for doing this: How To Set Up A New Portal User

  7. What phone/tablet works best?
    There is not one device that works better than others so this mostly comes down to user preference. However, better devices will run the app faster so we do recommend using a newer device. The app runs on iPhones/iPads and Android phones/tablets.

  8. How do I edit a previous inspection that is saved on the cloud, but is no longer on my device?
    Open the InspectARide app and tap ‘Open Previous Inspection’. Next tap the Cloud icon to see a list of the inspections on your cloud. Here you can use the ‘Search’ option to find the inspection you want to Edit. Once you see the inspection in the list tap on it. This will open the inspection and allow you to make the needed edits.

  9. How do I add my logo to reports?
    You can do this in the ‘Settings’ section of the portal. On the ‘Report Settings’ tab you’ll see an option near the top for ‘Report Logo’. Simply tap the ‘Upload Logo’ button and locate your logo file to add it to your reports.

  10. How do I customize a checklist?
    This is done in the ‘Templates’ section of the portal. You can make edits to an existing template (checklist) or create one from scratch. Here is a video that shows how this is done: Creating Your Own Checklist

  11. How do I move dropdowns that I customized on one device to another?
    Customized dropdown lists are specific to the device they have been customized on, but you can move them to another device by creating a backup on the device that has the dropdowns and then restoring it on the other device. Our recommendation is that you get the template/dropdowns set up how you want on a single device and then create/restore the backup on a new device. When you do this, it will replace all the data on the device that you restore the backup on with the data in the backup. This means that if you have any inspections on the device whose data you are replacing you will want to make sure they have been uploaded to the portal before you restore the backup.

    Here is a document that walks through how to create and restore a backup: How To Create and Restore a Backup

  12. How do I hide/remove templates I don’t need?
    You can choose what templates you want to show up on devices that are added to your account by adjusting your default templates in the portal. Here is a short video that shows how this is done: Managing Default Templates

    You can also manually manage your templates on a specific device by going to 'Settings' (in the InspectARide app) and tapping 'Manage Templates'. Here you can download templates you need from the cloud or hide/activate templates that are already on the device.

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