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InspectARide How To guides provide step by step instructions on a variety of topics. Below is the list of available How To guides.

Getting Started

How To Enter Payment Information to Setup a Subscription

How To Connect a Device to Your InspectARide Cloud Drive

How To Manage System Templates

How To Reset Your Password

Customizing Checklists

How To Change the Ratings on a Template

How to Change the Rating Color

How To Pre-Fill an Answer in a Template

How To Add a Signature to a Template

How To Publish a Template

Vehicle Management

How To Add a Vehicle

How To Deactivate a Vehicle

Portal Basics

How To Add Your Logo

How To Change the Report Accent Color

How To Change Picture Size

How To Turn Off the Cover Page

How To Add an Inspector

How To Remove an Inspector

How To Setup a New Portal User

How To Delete a Portal User

How To Search Previous Inspections in the Portal

How To Download an Inspection from the Portal

How To Email an Inspection from the Portal

How To Delete an Inspection from the Portal

How To Add a cc Email Address

How To Set Up Automatic File Naming

How To Edit Your Inspections View

App Basics

How To Add an Item to a Note Dropdown List

How To Remove an Item from a Note Dropdown

How To Hide a Template on a Mobile Device

How To Hide the Car Layout on the App

How To Turn Off Auto Open Note

How To Mark an Inspection Complete

How To Search Inspections on the App

How To Create a Copy of an Existing Inspection

How To Open an Inspection from the Cloud on the App


How To Restore a Backup

How To Move a Cloud Connection to a Different Device

How To Create a Backup and Restore it on a Different Device

How To Check App Permissions

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